‘WJ Live’: DeSantis and Musk Team Up to Take Over Twitter, Take On Dems


 By Rachel Bratton  April 20, 2022 at 2:15pm

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The Western Journal’s mission is to equip readers with the truth, and we’re excited to bring that same passion to the listeners of “WJ Live.” You’ll hear from writers, editors and special guests on the most important topics of the day: coronavirus, lockdowns, riots, government overreach and Hollywood elitism.

Rachel Bratton is a Junior Associate Video Producer at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree in Communications and Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University.

Rachel Bratton is an Editorial Intern at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree at Grand Canyon University, where she has contributed to research on civil discourse.

Trump Was ‘Spitting Blood,’ Said ‘Turn the Camera Off’ as Piers Morgan Interview Exploded During Filming

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‘WJ Live’: DeSantis and Musk Team Up to Take Over Twitter, Take On Dems

The governor of Florida is looking into what action he can take to help Musk in his endeavors to take over the social media giant.

 By Rachel Bratton  April 20, 2022

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The woman was brutally injured in the attack, and it will take some time before doctors can even operate on her.

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