Watch: Powerful Explosion Rocks Munitions Depot of Border City in Russia


 By Richard Moorhead  March 29, 2022 at 2:40pm

A building filled with munitions in a Russian border city was consumed in a large explosion on Tuesday.

The blast at the facility, described as an ammunition depot, was visible from miles away.

The explosion occurred in Belgorod, 25 miles north of the Ukrainian border in Russia.


— Liveuamap (@Liveuamap) March 29, 2022

Military analysts said witnesses were describing what could be a ballistic missile strike on the building.

Some Sources in Belgorod reported hearing what sounded like a Missile before the Explosion, and some Ukrainian Source are Claiming that the Depot was hit by a Ukrainian Military Fired OTR-21 Tochka-U Ballistic Missile.

— OSINTdefender (@sentdefender) March 29, 2022

The Russian state-owned news agency Tass initially said the explosion was the result of a “shell,” only to delete its tweet on the blast moments later.

Reposted for clarity –

TASS claimed the explosion was a result of a “shell” and then deleted the tweet a few minutes later.

RIA are now claiming “four employees of law enforcement agencies were injured in an explosion in the Belgorod region”.

— Jimmy (@JimmySecUK) March 29, 2022

Another Russian state-owned network said in a Telegram message that the source of the explosion was human error.

“The reason for the explosions near Belgorod, previously, was human error,” RIA Novosti’s message said.

Ukrainians have shown a surprising capacity to wage offensive operations against the Russian invaders since the start of the conflict in February.

A Ukrainian drone destroyed a Russian landing ship in the port of Berdyansk last week, with other Russian ships turning and fleeing as the warship exploded and burned.

Reports of Ukrainian forces striking the Russian territory have been uncommon in the conflict but not unprecedented.

Ukrainian ballistic missiles appeared to strike an airbase in the town of Millerovo two days after the start of the invasion, according to Newsweek.

Earlier this month, satellite photography of a Russian-occupied airbase in Kherson showed a Ukrainian counteroffensive devastated the Russian helicopter fleet, with numerous aircraft consumed in fire and black smoke.

First March 16th imagery of Kherson airbase following a Ukrainian attack that destroyed multiple helicopters via @planet (left). Compared to the @Maxar imagery from March 15th (right) there appears to be additional damage.

— Bellingcat (@bellingcat) March 16, 2022

A Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman announced that his country would “radically” reduce military activity in Kyiv on Tuesday amid meetings between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators in Turkey.

Officials said Russian forces would refocus on the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine after suffering heavy combat losses and failing to capture any major Ukrainian cities.

Richard Moorhead is a conservative journalist, a graduate of Arizona State University, service member, and guitar player.

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