See No Evil Flags


 By A.F. Branco  May 19, 2022 at 7:33am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

See No Evil Flags

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 By A.F. Branco  May 19, 2022

Texas Rep Goes Off After Abortion Doctor Dances Around the Murderous Procedure

The sharp exchange between Republican Rep. Chip Roy and an Alabama abortion provider came during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

 By C. Douglas Golden  May 19, 2022

International Sports Federation Hits Gymnast with Massive Penalty for Single Letter Spotted on His Outfit

A Russian gymnast was severely punished for his subtle political display while American athletes who wear BLM banners are celebrated.

 By Samantha Chang  May 19, 2022

Growing Number of US Economists Sound Recession Alarm Bells: ‘Very, Very High Risk’

The word ‘recession’ is starting to appear as more and more economists see trouble ahead for the US economy.

 By Jack Davis  May 19, 2022

Hillary Fans Hit with Biggest Gut Punch Since 2016 Defeat

Clinton has long been loved by the media – particularly Hollywood – but it seems the long-running affair might be over.

 By C. Douglas Golden  May 19, 2022

Israel Prepares for Total War in Unprecedented Move

The IDF is currently involved in the largest military drill in its history, part of which is designed to simulate an airstrike against Iran.

 By Randy DeSoto  May 19, 2022

Twitter’s Value Drops 30% as Musk Sets Stage for Cool $10 Billion Discount on Twitter Deal

As the Twitter deal is still on hold, the value of Twitter is falling. That could end up saving Musk money on the whole deal.

 By Abby Liebing  May 19, 2022

Alert: Hacker Shows How Anyone Can Unlock and Drive Off with Someone Else’s Tesla

It appears that hackers can intercept a smart phone, access to the entry system and make the car think the owner is near the vehicle.

 By Warner Todd Huston  May 18, 2022

Woman Pinned in Flipped, Burning Car Faces Certain Death Until Firefighter Gives Her His Oxygen Mask

When first responders arrived on the scene of the accident around 11 p.m., a car had hit a tree, flipped and caught fire.

 By Amanda Thomason  May 18, 2022

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