Nancy Pelosi Expresses Shock at California Gas Prices: “How Could This Be?”


 By Richard Moorhead  March 31, 2022 at 3:23pm

Nancy Pelosi expressed shock and indignation on gas prices in California in a Thursday news conference.

“It costs a lot of money in California. If you drive around in California and see the cost, you think, ‘how could this be?’” the 82-year-old career politician questioned.

Nancy Pelosi SHOCKED by massive spike in gas prices in California:

“How could this be?”

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) March 31, 2022

Gas prices in the Los Angeles metropolitan area have inched to six dollars a gallon. 

In a stunning lack of self-awareness, Pelosi urged against solving the gas crisis by producing more domestic energy in the same press conference.

Nancy Pelosi: We cannot “use [high gas prices] as an excuse” to produce more American energy

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 31, 2022

“We cannot allow the fossil fuel industry to use this as an excuse to reverse everything we’re doing to save the planet,” Pelosi said. 

Should Pelosi do some self-reflection?

In the same news conference, Pelosi blamed the skyrocketing gas prices on Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

While Putin’s invasion has seriously impacted gas prices, costs at the pump were skyrocketing well before the war began in late February.

.@SpeakerPelosi: “We have the Putin Price Hike at the pump … The price of, of oil and gasoline — gas at the pump started going up when he started circling Ukraine … There is very interest [sic] in our caucus in stopping price gouging on the part of the — of the industry.”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) March 31, 2022

The upward spike in gas prices began when Biden terminated the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline just after his inauguration. 

Biden failed to support the American energy industry’s independence, leaving the nation all the more vulnerable to foreign instability in energy markets.

Biden also issued an executive order halting new permits to drill on federal lands. 

Biden had gas prices going up since inauguration day. An his alt left jihad on oil and gas left us vulnerable to unstable countries and an event such as the Ukraine war

— Rogue1-the Jeff Faria Project (@PatriotsOfMars) March 8, 2022

As one of the wealthiest members of Congress, Pelosi will be largely unaffected by the exorbitant prices of natural gas. 

On Thursday, Biden announced a mass release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, passing the buck down the line amid rising criticism for his job performance on the economy.

Pelosi’s clueless exasperation doesn’t suggest she’s in a position to offer any positive solutions to pain at the pump.


Richard Moorhead is a conservative journalist, a graduate of Arizona State University, service member, and guitar player.

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