‘WJ Live’: ‘F*** Biden’ – The Controversial Statement That Might Be the Least of Our Worries


 By Rachel Bratton  September 17, 2021 at 1:55pm

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They’ve said worse about conservatives.

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Rachel Bratton is an Editorial Intern at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree in Communications and Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University.

Rachel Bratton is an Editorial Intern at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree at Grand Canyon University, where she has contributed to research on civil discourse.

Biden Turns His Back on Americans: His Latest Move Could Be Deadly

President Biden is codifying his disdain for Americans who won’t take orders into a policy that could very well cost lives.

 By Christine Favocci  September 17, 2021

FDA Panel Stages ‘Revolt’ Against Biden Admin and Pfizer, Gives Good News to Vaccine Skeptical Parents

‘I have major concerns with regard to the extrapolation of data from much older populations to 16- and 17- year-olds.’

 By Cameron Arcand  September 17, 2021

Cornyn: Dems $3.5 Trillion Bill Is an ‘Economic Grenade’ About to Be ‘Tossed Into the Laps of the American People’

Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas told his conservative colleagues not to fall for the Democrats’ tricks.

 By Grant Atkinson  September 17, 2021

Deeply Disturbing: Mom Jailed After Fighting Her Child’s 11-Year-Old Bully

The mom and student got into a fight, and as a result, Waldrop was arrested and held on a $10,500 bail, which was posted within several hours.

 By Amanda Thomason  September 17, 2021

Doctors Refused to See Woman for Fear of COVID, Failed to Notice the Signs Until It Was Too Late: Report

A young woman’s death might have been prevented had COVID-obsessed doctors offered her an in-person visit, according to her mother.

 By Kipp Jones  September 17, 2021

China Propaganda Figurehead Warns Americans We’ll See Chinese Warships Near Our Shores Soon, Then US Navy Crashes His Parade

‘All nations, large and small, should be secure in their sovereignty, free from coercion and able to pursue economic growth.’

 By Mike Landry  September 17, 2021

After Boat Capsizes, Desperate Mother Saves Children by Drinking Her Urine

A search team was assembled, but by the time the four were picked up, the mother had been dead for several hours.

 By Amanda Thomason  September 17, 2021

Officials Discover Major Felons Among Refugees Vetted by Biden Admin and Brought to US

The Biden administration’s vetting of Afghan natiionals is again under fire after two dangerous criminal ‘refugees’ were detained by ICE.

 By Kipp Jones  September 17, 2021

‘WJ Live’: ‘F*** Biden’ – The Controversial Statement That Might Be the Least of Our Worries

Across the United States, Americans are blasting Biden for his actions in the White House, but Democrats have treated conservatives worse.

 By Rachel Bratton  September 17, 2021

Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks at a Pentagon briefing on Aug. 18, 2021.

Milley Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since China Call Controversy Erupted

On Friday, Gen. Mark Milley said calls to his Chinese counterpart in the waning months of the Trump presidency were appropriate.

 By Brett Davis  September 17, 2021

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