Red Herring


 By A.F. Branco  October 5, 2022 at 7:46am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

Red Herring

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 By A.F. Branco  October 5, 2022

Pro-Ukraine Crowd Furious at Elon Musk for Suggesting Peaceful Way to End War

The left is attacking Musk for his anti-war position because it’s not endorsed by the DC establishment and its corporate media lapdogs.

 By Samantha Chang  October 5, 2022

Candidate Allegedly Leaked Nude Photos, Threatened School Shooting – Now Dems Rush to Distance Themselves

A Democratic candidate for the Michigan legislature is spiraling after a purported ex-girlfriend accused him of planning a school shooting.

 By Richard Moorhead  October 5, 2022

CEO of Embattled Election Software Company Arrested After Investigators Uncover China Secret: DA

‘The organization is profoundly grateful to the Los Angeles district attorney’s office for their thorough work and rapid action in this matter.’

 By George Upper  October 5, 2022

Clarence Thomas Issues Order to Biden DOJ as Trump Takes Mar-a-Lago Fight to Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has issued an order to the Biden administration in the legal battle over the Mar-a-Lago raid.

 By Jack Davis  October 5, 2022

Watch: Man Buys $115,000 Hummer Electric Truck – It Immediately Left Him Stranded in Middle of Road

No one wants to be on a highway in a broken-down vehicle. But when the vehicle just cost over $100,000, it’s even worse.

 By Chris Knight  October 5, 2022

Parents of Veteran EMT Slain in Broad Daylight Confront Mayor Eric Adams: ‘You Know What to Do’

FDNY Lt. Alison Russo-Elling was stabbed to death during her lunch break Thursday, only a block from her New York City EMS station.

 By George Upper  October 5, 2022

Chinese Bio-Tech Company Buys 1,400 Acres of US Land to Build Monkey Breeding ‘Primate Facility’

This project needs to be shut down and this legislation passed through Congress immediately bans China from buying land in the U.S.  

 By Randy DeSoto  October 4, 2022

Brad Pitt Accused of Disturbing Child Abuse by Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie

In a court document, Angelina Jolie explains what she says took place during a 2016 flight in which she claims Brad Pitt ran amok.

 By Jack Davis  October 4, 2022

‘I Don’t Want to Hear About Biden’: Disgraced Former CNN Anchor Whines about Biden Being Called Out for Multiple Gaffes

Chris Cuomo says it’s not right to pick on President Joe Biden for his gaffes, but has little good to say about Biden’s new press secretary.

 By Jack Davis  October 4, 2022

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