Kangaroo Justice


A.F. Branco July 28, 2021 at 8:07am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

Olympic Gymnast Circumvents Rules by Sneaking Black Lives Matter Protest Into Her Routine

It is unlikely Alvarado will be punished for circumventing the rules because the move was incorporated into her routine.

Erin Coates July 28, 2021

Republican Governors Speak Out Against New Mask Directives: ‘Not Grounded in Reality or Common Sense’

Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds said in a statement on Wednesday, ‘I trust Iowans to do the right thing.’

Dillon Burroughs July 28, 2021

Chicago Mayor Doubles Down on Anti-White Interview Policy, Says She Would Do It Again

It’s farcically ironic that a gay black woman can become the mayor of our third-largest city while still whining that she’s oppressed.

Samantha Chang July 28, 2021

Democratic Megadonor Found Guilty on 9 Felony Charges Connected to 2 Deaths

A major donor to Democratic politicians has been found guilty in connection with the disturbing drug-related deaths of two men.

Jack Davis July 28, 2021

Kangaroo Justice

For more A.F. Branco cartoons, go to WesternJournal.com/cartoons.

A.F. Branco July 28, 2021

Western Journal Founder: God and Bible Key to Overcoming Confusion Created by Mainstream Media

‘The reason this is done is because when people are bewildered, when they don’t know what to believe, they freeze and then they obey orders.’

Randy DeSoto July 28, 2021

Horror Stories: Emotional Interviews With Families Damaged by Critical Race Theory

Across the U.S., families are speaking out against CRT in schools. Some of those families shared their stories with The Western Journal.

Michael Austin July 28, 2021

Police Just Discovered an Entire Hotel Has Been Rented Out for COVID-Positive Immigrants

‘No one told the police department that these people were here, and no one told us that these people were possibly ill.’

Dillon Burroughs July 28, 2021

Biden Insults Millions of Unvaccinated Americans: ‘You’re Not Nearly as Smart as I Thought You Were’

President Joe Biden, known for making unintelligible statements, insulted the intelligence of millions of unvaccinated Americans.

Kipp Jones July 28, 2021

Forgetful Joe Biden Says He Was Sworn Into Senate 35 Years Ago – It Was 48

In what is surely a surprise to nobody, President Joe Biden adds one more slip-up to his ever-growing list of on-camera gaffes.

Jacob Gurney July 28, 2021

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