Any Excuse Will Do


 By A.F. Branco August 12, 2021 at 2:49pm

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

’70s Redux: Biden Takes US Back to Runaway Inflation, Embarrassing Embassy Troop Withdrawal

‘Looks like this was poor planning, poor leadership, and [not following] the model of deterrence that the Trump Administration had in place.’

 By Randy DeSoto August 12, 2021

Bad News for Biden as Overwhelming Majority of Americans Blame Him for Inflation Crisis: Poll

President Joe Biden’s economic policies are chief among the problems contributing to increased inflation in the country.

 By Grant Atkinson August 12, 2021

Facebook Protects Hunter Biden as He Sexually Exploits Woman, Removes Posts on Massive Scandal

Facebook is restricting reporting on Hunter Biden’s latest sex scandal from being shared on its platform, citing ‘adult sexual exploitation.’

 By Michael Austin August 12, 2021

One Year After Salon Owner Exposed Pelosi’s Lockdown Hair Appointment, She Reveals What Happened

A former salon owner who lost her business after exposing Nancy Pelosi’s maskless ways shows she has not lost her will to fight.

 By Jack Davis August 12, 2021

Harvard Economist Breaks the Bad News About Rising Paychecks Under Biden

Inflation happens when Americans are made to spend more for basics than they are getting even as wages increase, according to the economist.

 By Jack Davis August 12, 2021

Head of Advanced Weapons Program Arrested, Charged with Treason

Russia has been developing multiple weapons it says are hypersonic, which means they travel far faster than the speed of sound.

 By Jack Davis August 12, 2021

Biden Nominee Had Part Criticizing USA in Chinese State Propaganda Broadcast

Anti-police rhetoric is a hallmark of the past writings of a Biden nominee tapped for a top job at the Environmental Protection Agency.

 By Jack Davis August 12, 2021

‘World’s Smallest Known Baby’ Born the Weight of an Apple Finally Goes Home After 13 Months in Hospital

The baby was so tiny that her care team had to come up with new, innovative treatments and calculate her medications with extra care.

 By Amanda Thomason August 12, 2021

Any Excuse Will Do

For more A.F. Branco cartoons, go to

 By A.F. Branco August 12, 2021

‘His Dad Was a Nazi’: After Schwarzenegger Says ‘Screw Your Freedom,’ Conservatives Remind Him About Past

Referring to ‘experts’ such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, he asked, ‘Why would you not believe someone like that?’

 By Elizabeth Stauffer August 12, 2021

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